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History – This is the birth place of three of the eleven Gandhars of Bhagawan Mahavira namely the three brothers Indrabhuti, Agnibhuti and Vayubuthi. Nalanda and Kundalpur were suburbs of Rajgiri. A University was found at Nalanda and was a great center of Buddhist studies.

It is said that Bhagawan Mahavir had meet Goshalak here. In various ancient inscriptions  there are references stating that there were many Jain temples here. Several visits of Bhagawan Mahavir to this place and Bhagawan Mahavir’s preachings have increased the sanctity of this place. A Digambara Jain temple is also found at this place.

Heritage Centre Type – Siddha Kshetra

How to Reach – The Kundalpur village is situated at a distance of 3 kilometers from Nalanda, 9 kilometers from Rajgruhi and 21 kolometers from Pavapuri.

Accommodation Details – Boarding and lodging provisions are available near the temple.

Temple Name – Ganadhara Gautam Swami Mandir

Main Deity – About 9 inches high black-colored foot-idols of Ganadhar Gautam Swami.