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    History – It is said that Naroda being situated to the east of Karnavati was a Nishad city. It is believed that it was the capital of king Nal. The idol of Godi Parshwanatha is also called as Padmavathi Parshwanatha. The idol was found under the ground during the excavation work and the temple was constructed by Seth Sri Hathisinh. Many ruins are found near this temple which depict about the antiquity of the temple.

    How to Reach – Naroda is situated at a distance of  8 kms from Karnavati. Good transport facilities to Naroda are available from Karnavati. The lodging facilities are provided to the visitors at a Dharmashala in Naroda.

    Main Deity – 13 inches high, white colored idol of Bhagawan Godi Parshwanatha in the Padmasana posture.

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