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History – This is a atishay kshetra. There is story about this idol. It states that three idols one of Chintamani Parshwanatha; another that of Bhagwan Sheetalanatha and third of Nandi were found at Ramkund in Vikram 1747. The carriage carrying Bhagwan Sheetalanatha stopped here and hence was installed here the idol is stated to belong to the 7th or 8th century AD. Every year a fair is organized here on 14 day of dark moon in magh month. People from different religions participates in this fair.

Heritage Centre Type – Atishaya Kshetra.

How to Reach – Sajod is 8 kms west of Ankleshwar in Bharoch district. Visitors visiting this place may stay at Ankleshwar.

Main Deity – About 38 inches high white colored Idol of Bhagawan Sheetalanatha in Padmasana.