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Bangalore / Bengaluru

    History – Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and was the capital of princley Mysore from 1831. A popular story is narated on the origin of the present name. hoysala Viraballala had to satiate his hunger with boiled green beans, served by an old poor woman during a hunting expedition to this place. After the food was served to him, he called this place as ‘Benda Kaluru’ which became ‘Bengaluru’ in the course time. Kempegowda I. very familiar as prabhu of Yelahankadu built a mud in about 1537 A.D. with the approval of Vijayanagara king, under whom he was a feudatory. Later he founded a new city and transfered his capital from Yelahanka to this place. After the fall of the Vijayanagara empire, in 1638, Bijapur army led by Ranadullah Khan and Shahji captured the fort and sent the feudatory prince of Bangalore to Magadi. Bangalore was granted as Jahagir to Shahji. shivajai as a boy lived in Bangalore and his second marriage took place in the city. Later Mughals captured the city in 1687 and gave it on lease to Chikkadevaraya of Mysore and in the end, the city became a permanent possession of Mysore rulers. In 1758, the city was conferred on Haider Ali as Jahgir. It was captured by the British in 1791. Tippu had completed his palace in fort, the work of which had been started by Haider. After the death of tippu in 1799, Bangalore was restored to the Mysore royal family. Its authority was formally assigned to the British Government by the Mysore kings, which became a municipality later. during the Commissioner’s rule, Bangalore came to acquire the status of Administrative centre. The secretariat was first housed in Tippu’s in 1831 and later shifted to the new building in 1867. Though the state administration was handed over to the Mysore royal family in 1881, the British continued their rule until 1947. Bangalore Municipality was constituted in 1862. The cantonment Municipality and the Bangalore Municipality were merged in 1949 to form the present Bangalore Municipal Corporation.

    In Bangalore we can find as many as 75 Jain temples of which 10 are Digambara temples and the rest being Swethambara temples. Addtionally we have 35 Sthanaks.

    How to Reach – Banglore is capital of Karnataka. It is well connected by Air and rail to all major cities of India. It is 145 Kms from Sharvanbelgola. The Jain dharamshala provide facilities of lodging and Boarding.

    Banaglore Digambar Jain Temples Map

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    Temple Name – Sri Mahavir Digambara Jain temple, Chickpet
    Temple Type – Digambar Temple
    Main Deity – Idol of Lord Mahavira.
    Temple History – This temple was constructed in A.D.1878. since its construction this temple has found many renovations and as many as 4 Panchakalyanas. We can also find the idols of Bhagawan Parshwanatha, Bahubali, Vimalanatha, Ananathanatha and Brahma Yaksha in this temple. In the temple premises we can also find a Dharmashala for the pilgrims, Mahaveera Bhavan, Ahimsa Mandir and a well equipped Library containing the books on Jainism.

    Sri Suvarna Parshwanath Digambar Jain Temple, Magadi Road, Bengaluru

    Sri Sahasraphani Parshwanath Swamy Digambar Jain Temple, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore/Bengaluru

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