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Basadi Hoskote – Bastihalli

    Basadi Hosakote / Basti Hoskote / Bastihalli is an ancient Jain Heritage Centre with the 18 feet high idol of Lord Bahubali in Kayotsarga as the main deity.

    Basadi Hosakote is located on the back waters of Krishnarajasagar (KRS) Dam at a distance of 31 Kms from Krishnarajapete (K R Pete), 48 Kms from the district centre Mandya and 31 Kms from Mysuru/Mysore.

    History – Based on epigraphic evidences the history of Basadi Hoskote/Bastihalli can be traced back to 12th century A.D.

    Inscription on the Manastambha (1) – This slightly worn out inscription, engraved on two faces of the pillar, records a grant of land and of income from some taxes to the Hoysala Jinalaya of Manikyavolala by Somayya for the feeding of the ascetics therein. Paravadi Malloja, son of Chandakakoja, engraved the record.

    It is dated the year Parthiva, Ashadha Shuddha 1, Sunday. It refers to the rule of a Hoysala king whose name cannot be made out. The record is in characters of 12th century and the given details may be equated with 1165 A. D., June 11, Friday. Another inscription mentioned below refers to the construction of the basadi during the reign-period of Vishnuvardhana, it is probably Narasimha I that is referred to here.

    This manastmabha is not seen in the premises here. Probably the manastambha along with the temple might have been submerged in the backwaters of K.R.S.Dam.

    Inscription found on the Lintel of a Mantapa in a diapilated condition (2) – This worn out epigraph, records the construction of the basadi by Punisamayya, a minister of Vishnuvardhana of the Hoysala dynasty. It also registers the grant of the villages Mänikadoda lürn, and Mavinakere. Other details are lost.

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    2. Epigraphic Carnatica, Volume 6, Inscription No. 107
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