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    History – Belgaum is a famous center of Jains. There are ancient and historical temples at Belgaum.

    How to Reach – Belgaum is at a distanceof 66 Kms from stavandi town and 110 Kms from Kolhapur. It is 502 Kms from Banglore on Mumbai-Banglore rail route. Regular bus service is available from to Belgaum and Dharwad.

    Temple Name – Kamala Basadi.
    Temple Type – Digambar Temple
    Main Deity – About 7 feet high Idol of Bhagawan Neminath in semi-Padamasan posture.
    Temple History – This temple of 10CAD is under the jurisdictions of Archeological Dept. this temple is near the Bus Stand. This temple along with the Chickka basadi is situated inside a fort. Kamal basadi is so called because of the Gumbaj of the temple in the form of the lotus made out of 72 petals. The past present and future 24 Tirthankars of each period are shown on the 72 petals of the lotus flower. The stone carved Sinhasan of Bhagwan Neminath is very artistic. The pillars of the temple are decorated with carvings and brightly polished. The idol of Bhagwan Neminatha was found in the forest about 200 years ago. The idols and other statues in this temple are of 11 century AD. We can find the idols of Bhagwan Sumatinath in the kayotsarga posture, idol of Bhagwan Parshwanatha under the shade of 7 hooded Nagraj, idol of Bhagwan Adinath in the padamasana posture and the idol of Navgraha.

    Temple Name – Chikka Basadi
    Temple History – This temple is near Kamal basadi but not in active pooja.We can find the idol of Bhagawan Suparshwanatha of 10 CAD and 11 CAD idol of parsvanath and one Choubis.

    Temple Name – Bhagwan Chandraprabhu Basadi at manikbagh Digamabar Jain Boarding.
    Temple Type – Digambar Temple.
    Main Deity – Idol of Lord Chandranatha.
    Temple History – We can find the idols of bronze Choubis, navagraha, yakshi Jawalamalini and Padmavati and Nandishwar.

    Temple Name – Bhagwan Neminatha temple at Daud basti.
    Temple Type – Digambar Temple
    Main Deity – Idol of Lord Neminatha.
    Temple History – This temple is also called as Gurubasdi and is about 2000 years old. this temple was renovated in the 1845 AD. The idol of Bhagwan Neminatha is made out of black stone. We can also find the idols of Yaksha Brahmadev and Godess Padmavati.

    Temple Name – Bhagwan Chandraprabhu temple at Shori street.
    Main Deity – Idol of Lord Chandranatha.
    Temple History – This temple is also known as Tonan basdi, the Idol of Mulnayak Chandraprabhu of black color and choubis and other tirthanakar images are very attractive.

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