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    History – The temple here is said to have been constructed in the year A.D.1650. It is said that this temple has been constructed by a person named Hulikallu Sakkare Shetty under the guidance of Lakshmisena Bhattarakha Maharaj in the land given by Devaraja Wodeyar of Mysore. An inscription of the year A.D. 1666 found in the temple premises says that a person named Payanna (a deciple of Charukeeerthi Panditacharya) had donated the idol of Bhagawan Adinatha to this temple to carry out the rituals during the period of Ashtahnika. Also can be found the black colored idols of all the 24 tirthankaras in this temple. We can also find the idols of Dharanendra yaksha and Padmavathi Yakshi in this temple. Every year a grand pooja Mahotsav to Bhagawan Adinatha is conducted here on the day of “Jinaratri”. The idol of Bhagawan Mahavira is found on the first floor of the temple. At the famous hindu temple dedicated to lord vishnu called as the ‘Channkeshava temple” on a virsmarak in the courtyard to the right of gopur have some inscriptions of jina images.

    How to Reach – Situated in the Nagamangala taluk of Mandya district Bellur is 135 kms from Dharamsthal and Shravanbelgola is 90 kms via Hassan.

    Main Deity – Black coloured idol of Bhagawan Vimalanatha in the kayotsarga posture.

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