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    History – In Gadag we can find two Jain Temples. The Parshwanatha temple was constructed in 1914 A.D. by the Oswal Gujrathi Jain Panth with bhagwan Parshwanatha as the main diety. The other Jain temple was constructed in the1970’s by the Marwadi community of Gujarat. This temple has Mahavir Bhagwan as its main diety.This temple is famous for its attractive archietecture.

    How to Reach – Gadag is at a distance 0f 479 Kms from Bangalore and 80 kms from Dharwad. The Hubli-Bellary and Hubli-Sholapur Railway line traverse through Gadag junction.

    Main Deites – Idols of Sri Parshwanatha Tirthankara and Sri Mahaveera.

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