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    Gommatagiri in an anceint Jain Heritage Centre near Mysore famous for its monolithic statue of 16 feet high Sri Gommateshwara situated at the top of a hill called Shravana Gudda.The standing snakes with their hoods om either side of the statue are very attractive and unique of the Gommata sculptors seen in India.Though we cannot find an details about the idols installation and its antiquity it is said that Chengalvas and Kongalvas enshrined the place.

    Discovery of the Idol – The idol remained unknown till about 1948. However, in 1948 when C.B.M.Chandraiah a businessman from Mysore was on a treck around this region he discovered the hillock covered with shrubs, trees and creepers. One exploring further he found Bahubali idol in the midst of the shrubs. He got it cleaned up and constructed a small enclosure around the idol in the present form.

    Masthakabhisheka – In 1950 he initiated the annual Masthakabhisheka of the Bahubali idol.

    Heritage Centre Type – Tirtha Kshetra.

    How to Reach – Gommtagiri is at a distance of 23 Kms from Mysore.

    Driving Directions – While travelling from Mysore we will have to take the Hunsur route. On reaching Yelawala a small town near Mysore we can find an arch inviting people to Gommatagiri. We will have to take a right turn at this place to reach Gomatagiri. We can also find a similar arch while we drive from Hunsur to Mysore along the left side at the Bilikere road.

    Accommodation Details – Good Accommodation facilities are available at Mysore.

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