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Navagraha Tirth Varur

    History : Navagraha Teertha is a Jain pilgrim centre located at a distance of 18 Kms from Hubli along the Bengaluru-Pune national highway besides Varur Village. The temple features a 61 feet (18.6 m) tall monolithic idol of the Shri 1008 Bhagavan Parshvanatha and the smaller statues of the other 8 Jain teerthankaras. The statue is the tallest statue of the Jain deity Parshvanatha in India and weighs 185 tons. The statue stands on a 48 feet (14.6 m) high pedestal(109 feet total). It has been established in 2006-07 largely through the efforts of Sri Gunadhar Nandi Maharaj.

    Heritage Centre Type : Tirtha Kshetra

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