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    History – This temple was constructed during the Hoysalas period in the 12th century. To the right of the Parshwanatha idol we can find the idol of Choubis tirthankara and to the left the idol of goddess Padmavathi. Besides this temple we can find the temple of Bhahmadeva sitting on a horse. this idol of Brahmadeva is being installed on a stone pillar, on either side of this pillar we can find two stone pillars on which the idol of Kshetrapala Jattappa is being carved.

    How to Reach – Sindgere is a small village in the Chickkamagalur taluk, it is at a distance of 15.5 Kms from Javagal and 3.5 Kms from Basavanakote. The boarding facilities are available in the temple premises.

    Main Deity – About 30 inches high black coloured idol of bhagawan Parshwanatha in the Kayotsarga posture.

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