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    Tovinakere / Thovinakere is located in Tumkur District of Karnataka.

    Main Deity – Marble idol of Bhagawan Chandranatha in the padmasana posture.

    History – The Chandranatha Swami temple built of stone is said to have been constructed in the year 1690 A.D. The maintenance and the administration of the temple is being looked after by the H.P.Nemirajaiah Jain Trust.

    • Manastambha – A Manastambha was installed in front of the temple at Tovinakere. Its panchakalyna pratishta mahotsava was held in 2014 A.D.
    • Jain Idols – We can also find many Tirthankar idols, idols of Lord Bahubali, Ananthanath Tirthankar, Bahubali, Nandishwara and other idols. Also are seen the idols of Jain Yakshis, viz: Jwalamalini, Padmavati and others.
    • Brahmadeva Carving – On the out skirts of the village is seen the carving of Brahmadeva on a rock. Two pairs of feet impressions of Jain Munis are 

    How to Reach – Tovinakere is a small village in the Koratagere taluk of Tumkur district. It has got good transport facilities from Koratagere and Tumkur.

    Near by Jain Heritage Centres – Kuchhangi

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