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    History – In Chanderi we can find 29 idols of the tirthankaras. The idols of all the tirthankaras are installed in seperate sanctum sanctorums.  The uniqueness of these idols is their colours, the colour of these idols are as per the Jaina puranas. All these idols can be found in the Bada Jain Mandir which is about one kilometer from the main bus stand. This temple was built by Sri Sawaisingh in 1893 AD. The boarding and lodging facilities for the ascetics and the pilgrims are avialable in the dharmashala near the temple.

    How to Reach – Chanderi is 22 Kms from Thuvon, 7 kms from Gurilagiri, 29 kms from  Aamanachar along the Mungawali road, 19 kms from Bithala, 16 kms from Bhamon and 14 kms from Bhiyadant.

    Photos by – Rushab Shah (Mumbai)

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