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    History – Mandu was previously called as Mandav. It is one of the important historical places. In the book Chaitanyavandan we can find a mention of Mandavgadh. This tells us about the historical importance of this place. The well known writer Samgram Soni of this place has written the book, Buddhisagar and has got the Agams written in letters of gold. For this he was highly honoured in the court of King Mohammed Khilji. There are many evidences in the inscriptions telling us about the historicity of this place it is said there were about 700 temples at Mandav. It was a prosperous city with the Jain population more than six lakhs. It is told that when ever a new person comes here for settlement he was greeted by a gold coin and a brick by every family. This tells us about the humanity of the people of this place. The idol of Bhagawan Suparshvanath was installed about the year 1472 of the Vikram era later the temple has undergone many renovations. There is another ancient temple of Bhagawan Shantinatha in the premises of this temple.

    How to reach – The nearest railway station of Indore, is at a distance of 88 kilometers and Dhar is at a distance of 33 kilometers Mandavgarh. Bus service and private vehicles are also available to this place. Boarding and lodging facilities are available near the temple.

    Main Deity – Nearly 3 feet high, white coloured idol of Bhagawan Suparshwanatha in the Padmasana posture.

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