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    Pateriya is a Jain Heritage Centre located along the outskirts of Garhakota in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh.

    Lord Parshwanath is the main deity in the Digambar Jain Temple at Pateriya. It is about 7 feet high and is in padmasana posture. The temple is about 200 years old. It was built by Seth Radha Kishanjun Shah by the earnings of one day in the business of Cotton in 1782 A.D. (V.S. 1839). The installation ceremony or Pancha Kalyana of this temple was performed under the patronage of Garha Kota’s ruler Shri Harisinghjudeo Bundela. It was held under the guidance of Bhattarakha Mahendrakeertiji.
    Miracles at Peteriya – It is said that during the Pancha Kalyana ceremony there was a shortage of Ghee while preparing food. Bhattarakha Mahendrakeerthiji is said to have ordered to pick up the water from the pond beside the temple instead of ghee. Since then the pond is known as Atishaya Kund. It is believed that prayers & worship on the first Sunday of every month are helpful for the fulfillment of various desires of pilgrims.
    A pillar found in this Digambar Jain temple at Pateriya is said to be miraculous and is believed to remove various types of Malaria. It is further believed that this pillar was powered by the spells of Bhattarakha Mahendrakeertiji.

    Pateriya is located at a distance of 51 Kms from the district centre Sagar and 219 Kms from Bhopal the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

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