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    History – The idol installed in this temple is nearly 2000 years old. It is made of emeralds. This kind of idol made of a single stone of emerald is a unique of its kind. Only a direct observer can make the thirteen and a half ft. high idol of the body of Bhagawan Parshvanath with this real color and shape in the Padmasana posture. This idol was formerly installed in the golden temple in the city of Ahichhatra. On the foot marks of lotus – leaves, deer, lions, the dharmachakra are carved. They are of the Mathura style of more than eleven hundred years old. According to experts, Octagonal pinnacles of temples posterior to the eleventh century of the Vikram era are not found anywhere. It is said that in greed of gems, a king went to take the idol of God. The presiding deity took the form of a snake and stung the king. An ascetic Jain Acharya heard of this and by virtue of his penance, he called Dharanendradev and asked him to make the idol stony so that a greedy man may not break the idol and people can benefit by worshipping it. His Holiness Upadhayay Shri Dharmasagarji Maharaji developed this Tirth. Nearly 30 years ago, he came to know that the idol known as ‘Nagbaba’ in the Unhel village of Rajasthan was in fact an ancient Jain Svetambar idol of Bhagawan Nageshvar Parshvanath. He awakened the Jain Sangha by his impressive instructions and inspired it to renovate the temple and reinstall the idol. Since the year 1970 of the Vikram era, the temple is under complete ownership of Jains.  All the credit for the success goes to bright intelligence, hard efforts, generosity, devotion and oratory of Shri Abhaysagarji Maharaj Saheb. Many rich merchants also extended their praiseworthy co-operation towards the development of the Tirth. On the tenth day of dark half of the month of Vaishkh on 30-5-1975, the idol of Nageshvar Parshvanath was reinstalled. Such a wonderful, delightful, splendid, huge and beautiful idol of Bhagawan Nageshvar Parshwanath cannout be found else where in India. On either sides of the main deity there are idols of Shantinath and Mahavir Swami in the kayotsarga posture.Since many years a snake lives in the niche in the stonewall behind the hoods on the head of the idol. Sometimes, it appears to the fortunate devotees in a white or catechu color. On both sides near the feet of the main deity there are 37 inches high idols of Gods with chanvars (Fly-drivers). The idols are so brilliant that they reflect lighted lamps. The eyes are so artistically made that wherever a devotee is standing, he feels that God is showering his favor on him. We can also find a dadavadi of Kushal suriji Maharaj at Nageshwar.

    How to Reach – he temple is situated on the river bank near the Unhel village and at a height of a thousand feet above the sea level. This temple in the Unhel village near the Vikramgarh Alot village Station between Nagada Junction and Shamagadh along the Delhi – Mumbai line of the western railway. Nageshvar is at a distance of 8 kilometers from the temple. Good lodging and boarding facilities are available at this place.

    Main Deity – About 14 feet high, green colored idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha in the Padmasana posture with seven-hooded Nagaraj.

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