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    History – This history of Nitoda is believed to belong to a period earlier than the twelfth century. On the seat of the parikar of God’s idol, there is an inscription of Bhagawan Neminath. Due to some inevitable reasons the idol of Bhagawan Neminath was removed and the idol of Bhagawan Chintamani Parshwanatha was installed. There is also an idol of Yaksha Babeshwarji. On it, an inscription belonging to the year 1491 of the Vikram era can be found. This place belongs to the Chota Marwar group of five pilgrim centres.

    How to Reach – The temple is situated in the center of the Nitoda village. The nearest railway station of Sarupaganj is situated at a distance of 5 kilometers from Nitoda and Diyana is at a distance of 8 kilometers from this place. Good boarding and lodging facilities are available at this place.

    Main Deity – White colored idol of Bhagawan Chintamani Parshwanath in the Padmasana posture.

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