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Samina Kheda

    History – This tirth of Samina Kheda in the Mewar region is an ancient. It is a place of many historical events. A metal idol of the eighth century found here tell us about the antiquity of this place. It is the birthplace of the Acharya Jinchandrasuri and Jinkushalsuri. In the “365 Shri Parshvajina Namamala”, Samina Parshvanathji is eulogized as pleasant. This idol of  Samina Parshwanatha was reinstalled in the year 1990 and was renovated in the year 2025 of the Vikram era.

    How to Reach – The nearest railway station of Udaipur is at a distance of 16 kilometers. Good transport facilities are available to this place from Udaipur.

    Main Deity – 18 inches high black coloured idol of Bhagawan Samina Parshwanatha in th Padmasana posture.

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