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Sawai Madhopur

    Sawai Madhopur located in south-east Rajasthan is located at a distance of 121 Kms from Jaipur. It was buit by Maharaja Madho Singh of Jaipur.

    Jain Temples at Sawai Madhopur: Sawai Madhopur houses eight Digambar Jain temple. The temples are ancient and very artistic.

    Chamatkarji Digambar Jain Temple – This temple is located in Alampura village. The temple dates back to the early medieval period. The temple is built in with Pancharatha style. Sri Chamatkarji Atishaya Kshetra Digambar Jain Temple Mandir at Alampur is an ancient beautiful temple decorated with artistic work. It is famous for the miracles related to Tirthankar Adinath. The miracles in Hindi means Chamatkar. Hence the name Chamatkarji. This idol of Adinath Tirthankar is in padmasana and is about 6 inches high and is made of white quartz (Sphatic Mani). There are two altars/vedhis in the temple. In the front altar, the main deity Tirthankar Padmaprabhu’s idol in padmasana which is about 1 foot 3 inches high made of dark red stone is installed. This is attributed to Veera nirvana samvat 1546. Idols of Panchabala Yatis Tirthankar and of Tirthankar Chandranath is also seen in this temple. Surrounding the main temple are installed the idols of Trikala Tirthankars in separate vedhis. Each Vedi has the Tirthankar idols of past, present, and future period, i.e. bhuta, varthamana and bhavishyat kala.

    Diwanji’s Temple – There are 750 idols in this temple. Many of them are brought from the Ranthambore fort.

    Panchayati Temple – Has the idol of Tirthankar Parshwanath as the main deity. It also houses many other idols.

    Kanch Ka Mandir/Mudayami Temple – Has the idol of Tirthankar Parshwanath as the main deity. Artistic glass & mirror work is worth seeing here.

    Sanvalaji Mandir – Has the idol of Tirthankar Adinath as the main deity.

    Terapanthi Mandir – Principal deity Tirthankar Adinath as the main deity.

    Bhasavari Mandir – Has the idol of Tirthankar Parshwanath as the main deity.

    Digambar Jain Nasiyan Mandir

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