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    History – The Vardhamana temple was greatly enlarged with the additions, built during the Cola period, and came to be known as the Trikutabasti complex. Other additions include the sangeetha mandapa built in the years 1387-88 by Irugappa, the famous general of the Vijayanagar king, Bukka II. The temple was enclosed by a prakara wall by Alagiyapallavan. The ceiling of the mandapas contained two layers of paintings once executed in the Vijayanagara rule and then in the Nayak times. The earlier paintings have been virtually destroyed, but the Nayak paintings depict incidents connected with the life of Rishabanatha, Neminatha, Mahavira and Dharmadevi. The balal ilas of Krishna such as the lifting of Govardhana Hill, kaliyamardhana, the killing of the elephant, Asura fighting with the wrestlers, and the killing or Kamsa, etc., all deserve special mention. Short label inscriptions in Tamil narrating these events are found below the paintings. The Chandranatha temple is of modest proportions with a simple shrine and small mandapa said to have been built by Rajasimha Pallava. It is not clear at this point, but for some reason the shrine was closed for a certain period, but then the first tala was converted into a shrine accommodating the image of Chandranatha. Subsequent renovations and repairs have altered the original style of the architecture and it now resembles a modem structure.59 But the rampant yalis at the cardinals of the shrine. remain reminiscent of the Rajasimha-style of architecture. Another temple is known to have existed in the vicinity of Kanchipmam.

    How to Reach – The temple is situated in the Tirupantikundram village near Kanchipuram city. The nearest railway station of Kanchipuram is at a distance of 5 kilometers and Madras is at a distance of 70 Kilometers from here. Boarding and lodging facilities are available here.

    Main Deity – Idols of Bhagawan Mahavira and Bhagawan Chandranatha.

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