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    History – The miraculous idol of Bhagwan Parshwanatha was installed under the supervision of Bhattarak Jinchander( on 3rd day of bright half of Baisakh month of 1547). The local people used to offer milk on a mound of earth to fulfill their wishes. When this mound was dug in the year 1978 10 Jaina idols were found. Then a huge temple was constructed at this place and the idols were installed.

    How to Reach – This village is 4 kms from Khekda and 22 Kms from Delhi along the Delhi Saharanpur road. The lodging and boarding facilities are availablein the Dharmashala.

    Main Deity – Idol of Bhagwan Parshwanatha.

    Bada Mandir Complex

    Trilok Tirth

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