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25-year-old Jain woman takes sanyas

    Madurai, 25 year old Jain woman takes sanyas

    Madurai (Tamil Nadu), 25th February 2019: A 25-year-old Jain community woman took her first step towards attaining nunhood by distributing her worldly possessions here on Sunday.

    Kajal Kumari of Nakoga Plaza near Dhanappa Mudali Street was taken on a chariot in a procession, which witnessed singing of devotional songs and dance. Ms. Kumari danced on the chariot and donated her clothes to members of the community.

    Ms. Kumari had been undertaking classes in spirituality and Jain culture at a dharmik pathshala for many years, said the members of her community.

    Ashokkumar Jirawala Jain, public relations officer, Jain Media Group, said Ms. Kumari was the 21st young woman from Madurai to begin such a journey. Her sister attained nunhood three years ago, he said.

    Ms. Kumari would leave for Rajasthan to seek the blessings of Mani Prabha Shri, a senior saint, on March 13 and attain the status of a nun.

    “After that, she will cut off her ties with her family, eat only what she gets through biksha and will not eat anything before sunrise and after sunset. She will be wearing a patti (cloth over her mouth) and practise meditation for enlightenment,” said Mr. Ashokkumar.

    Members of the various Jain sects paid their respects to Ms. Kumari at the end of the procession at Jain Aradhana Bhavan. – News & Photo Courtesy: The Hindu


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