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DK Jains condemn attack on Muni Maharaj

    Mangalore (Karnataka), January 4, 2013: Jains of Dakshina Kannada district submitted a memorandum to the President, Prime Minister, Union home minister, chief minister of Gujarath, Governors of Gujarath and Karnataka through deputy commissioner N Prakash condemning the incident of attack on Jain saint 108 Acharya Prabala Sagarji Muni Maharaj.

    Jain leaders stated in the memorandum that Muni Maharaj, who was visiting Girinar Hills pilgrimage centre in Gujarath on January 1, was attacked and was stabbed four times by miscreants for no reason whatsoever. “It is said that a group of Hindu fanatics called ‘Pandas’ are trying to capture the Jain pilgrimage centre where 22 ndTheerthankara Shree Neminatha Swamy attained Moksha. Therefore, it is a holy pilgrimage centre for Jains and it is called a Siddhakshethra from time immemorial,” they stated in the memorandum.

    “We the Jains of Dakshina Kannada district are shocked to hear about the said henous incident. Therefore, we are hereby place our unanimous protest against such unprovoked violence and strongly condemn the heinous act of assaulting a Jain Muni of noble and pious status in the community. We hereby lodge our heartfelt protest against any violence or such other heinous acts against holy Jain Munis in the country,” leaders stated.

    “We humby request the Government of India and state governments to provide necessary police protection to our Jain saints who are on pilgrimage visits to the holy places of worship for Jains in India and to protect the microscopic minority of Jains of historical name and fame ‘Bharatha Khandah, ‘Bharath’,” they urged.

    “Jains in India are minority community and the percentage of Jain population is less than 1. Jains are the followers of Ahimsa. They never protest violence against them and they nevere harm any living beings. They (Munis) are keeping on visiting different pilgrimage centres of India by walk only. They preach the philosophy of Jainism, a universal faith of non-violence, truth and peace,” they stated. -News Courtesy: Times of India

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