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Jain Jalsa – Enter the world of Jain satvik food

    For the first time on Indian television, Zee Khana Khazana presents a show dedicated to Jain cuisine hosted by Chef Gautam Mehrishi starting today.

    Jain JalsaJai

    Mumbai (Maharashtra), Jaunary 6, 2014: Ever wondered what a Jain Sushi or a Jain Pasta would taste like? Regardless of the myth, Jain cuisine is equally delicious and tastes just the same as a non-Jain dish. Needless to say, Jain food is a healthier way of living. In Sanskrit, this food is called as ‘satvik‘ food, which means that it is based on the qualities of purity, goodness, lightness and happiness and is similar to the shojin-ryori cuisine of Japan.

    Zee Khana Khazana starts today a show focused on Jain food called ‘Jain Jalsa’ hosted by Chef Gautam Mehrishi, a first on Indian television. With Jain Jalsa, Zee Khana Khazana aims to showcase Jain food in a new avatar and debunk all myths about this cuisine being bland and stereotyped as no-onion-no-garlic. The show will air thrice a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday). Chef Gautam will adapt international dishes (Japanese & Far Eastern to Egyptian & Mediterranean) to a Jain palate and project a healthy, fun way of enjoying Jain dishes.

    Amit Nair, Business Head, Zee Khana Khazana, said, “With Jain Jalsa, we want to break the myth that Jain cuisine is all about vegetarian dishes made without onion, garlic or potatoes as portrayed in stereotypes. Jain people are big foodies and have been experimenting with food with whatever ingredients they are permitted to use. We were fascinated by this aspect and wanted to show it to our audiences too. Chef Gautam will take viewers through an exhaustive range of healthy and tasty recipes pertaining to this unique style of food consumption.”

    Chef Gautam, who also hosts ‘Food ka Mood’ on Zee Khana Khazana, has a history with Jain food. Having lived in Rajasthan for many years, he has been connected to Jain food and Jain culture for a long time. Everything he cooks on the show will be absolutely vegetarian, have mild spices and will be all about fresh food.

    Apart from regular recipies, Chef Gautam will give a satvik twist to everyday delicacies and international ones, enabling a younger generation to enjoy their favorite foods without compromising on their cultural heritage. – News Courtesy:

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