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Jain sadhvi completes 110 years

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat), May 17, 2013: The Jain community organised a programme at Dasha Porwad Society in Paldi to mark the 110th birthday of Sadhvi Hem Shreeji Maharaj. She entered her 111th year on Thursday.

    Sadhvi Hemji took diksha some 83 years back when she was 28-years-old. She hailed from a very well-to-do family from Patasha Pol in the walled city. She got married at the age of 21.

    After living for seven years with her in-laws, she one day heard a discourse by Ramchandr Sureshwaji Maharaj Sahib and decided to take the path of renunciation. She expressed her desire to her in-laws and parents. They all agreed. She took the training under Ramchandr ji Mahraj. She gave up all the luxuries of life and took to spirituality. She had studied till class VI in an English medium school.

    While talking to the press she said that “I never had a fascination about my physical body, once I took to spirituality, I found the strength to live the life of a Sadhvi.”

    The world of spirituality is very deep and inspiring. The more you get immersed into it, the more you are inspired and worldly pleasures just loose their sheen.”

    At her age, she is able to talk, listen and has a great memory. She used to travel around without the help of anyone till she was 70.

    She further added that people should be kind to animals and other human beings. – News Courtesy: Times of India

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