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JVB Welcomes Five Jain Orgs for Chaitya Paripati

    Houston (USA), December 2, 2012: The feelings of unity and togetherness & spirituality were overwhelming when 5 different Jain organizations visited the JVB Preksha Meditation Center in Houston (JVB) on Sunday December 2. The visit was the first stop for a group of about 150 people, who were on a pilgrimage to visit and pay obeisance at 5 local Jain temples in Houston in one day. This pilgrimage also called Chaitya Paripati is conducted after the Chaturmas for worship, prayers and meditation by Jains by visiting 5 religious places.

    This event was a first for the Houston Jain community and possibly also in all of North America with the coming together of representatives from Six Jain organizations under one roof for the Chaitya Paripati/Patna Darshan.

    Jain Society of Houston (JSH) took the lead role in organizing this event and the other four participating Jain organizations were from Waco, Austin, Dallas and Wisconsin. All the members arrived in 2 chartered buses and were received with a grand welcome at JVB that began with playing of the dhol, chanting of mantras, bhajans & with the unfurling of the Jain flag by JVB Chairman Swatantra Jain and Director Alok Jain. Thereafter all the visitors upon entering the premises were adorned with tilaks; & all Sanghpatis (leaders) from the various organizations were honored individually.

    Jain Society of Houston was represented by Kirti Bhai Shah and Arvinda Ben; Kirit Bhai Daftary represented the Waco Jain Sangh. The Austin and Dallas Jai Sanghs were represented by Rajiv Gandhi and Dewang Kaveri respectively, Devendra Bhai Modi was representing the Wisconsin Jain sangh.

    JVB Houston’s resident Jain nuns – Samani Parimal Pragya ji and Samani Amit Pragya ji presided over the welcome proceedings and Samani Parimal Pragya gave a thoughtful message to all attendees by talking about brotherhood and amity among all. JVB Chairman Swatantra Jain welcomed everyone to the JVB center and its temple to pay their obeisance as part of the Chaitya Paripati. JSH President Jayesh Sanghvi presented a token of appreciation and memento to the JVB team on the occasion of their Chaitya Paripati visit. He also extended an open invitation to JVB patrons and Samanijis to visit JSH soon.

    This was followed by a delicious lunch for all the visitors sponsored by Hasmukh Bhai and Chandrika Ben Doshi. Thereafter the Chaitya Paripati/Patna Darshan continued with departure from JVB to the next temple destination.

    The JVB Preksha Meditation Center envisions a blissful and peaceful society through Yoga, Preksha Meditation and Education of Non-violence. It is open for all mankind.

    The JVB Preksha Meditation center organizes free half day workshops on second Saturday of every month.

    For more information, visit or call 281-596-9642. – News Courtesy: Shashank Jain, Photo  courtesy – JVB Houston

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