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Pratham kalasha is bought at a record price

    Venur (Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka) January 26, 2012: The ‘pratham kalasha’, which will be used to anoint Lord Bahubali on the final day of the ‘mahamasthakabhisheka’, which is first of 1,008 kalashas to be poured on the monolith, has been sold out. The pratham kalasha has been bought by a Delhi-based businessman RK Jain for Rs 11 lakh!

    But for those (only Jains get this honour) who want to take part in the last day abhishekha, there are several other kalasha available, starting with Shathamana (denoting five centuries of installation of the monolith) kalasha, which are five in number and they cost Rs 5 lakh each. The next is rathna kalasha, 10 in number, is priced at Rs 3 lakh each. Starting with pratham kalasha there are 10 types of kalasha, — the least, Bhakthi Kalasha, costing Rs 2,555 and they are 532 in number – but these too have been sold out.

    Ashok Jain, secretary, Bhagavan Shri Bahubali Swami Mahamasthakabhisheka Committee, said: “Starting from Pratham to Rajatha kalasha, all are made of silver, the value of which is roughly 10% of donation amount and the donor will retain the kalasha after the abhishekha.” He said prathama kalasha will be used by the donor to anoint the Bahubali. After 1,008 kalasha abhishekha the ‘poorna kumbhabhisheka’ and ‘Chatushkona kalasa abhisheka’ will take place. All these kalashas contain water that’s brought from a well at Shathinatha Basadi about two furlongs from the main venue. After this ritual, tender coconut water, cane juice, milk, rice powder, turmeric, Kashaya (medicinal plants), Chatushkona kumbha, sri gandha paste, chandana paste, astha gandha, flowers, and poornakumbha will be poured and applied on the monolith.

    There will be a jala abhishekha again after this. From the first day till January 31, 108 kalasha abhishekha will be done; from February 1 to 3, 216 kalasha abhishekha, and on February 4, 504 kalasha will be done. The final day the abhishekha will be of 1,008 kalasha. Devotees who will be performing abhishekha on a particular day should bear the expenses, including that of the entire day’s meals, which is about Rs 6 to Rs 8 lakh.

    Gunadhara acharya arrives

    The purapravesha (entering into city) of Sri 108 Gunadhara Acharya, founder of Navagraha Teertha, Varur, 105 Sri Nutanmati Mataji, 105 Sri Namanmati Mataji, 105 Sri Chakramati Mataji, 105 Sri Satyamati Mataji and Sadhvis was solemnized in Moodbidri on Wednesday. – News Courtesy: Times of India

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