Man Held with 4 Jain idols in Ajmer

Ajmer (Rajasthan), January 4, 2014: Police on Wednesday arrested a man and recovered four Jain idols from his possession. It was later found that he had stolen these statues from the Jain temple at Shastri Nagar in Bhilwara in 2004 and was now planning to sell them in the market. The accused was trapped by […]

Ajmer – 3 antique Jain idols stolen from temple

Ajmer (Rajasthan), December 19, 2013: Three ancient statues were stolen from a Jain temple situated in Sarawgi Mohalla of Naya Bazaar here. This is the third incident in last two years where Jain statues have been stolen. The statues were said to be about 800 years old including one of Lord Mahaveer. According to the […]

leaders asks community to condemn female feticide

Ajmer (Rajasthan), July 16, 2012: In the wake of rising incidents of female feticide in the state, Jain spiritual leaders have now come forward to condone the act and appealed to the community to shun the practice. A couple of days ago, khap mahapanchayat, known for following medieval customs, also condemned killing female fetuses and […]


History – We can find around 22 Jain temples in Ajmer, among these the Sethji ki Nasiya or Sidhhkut Chaitalaya is the prime attraction and is the main temple. There are 21 other Jain temples to mention a few include Choota Ghada Nasian, Bada Ghada Nasian and Mahaput Jinalaya which are very fabulous. This town […]

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