History – Gulbarga was a great Jain city in ancient period. At present there is only one Digambar temple at Mahavir chowk and one Svetamabar temple in kirana bazaar. This place was a great Jain center in 9th century AD during the period of Rastrkut dynasty. The Museum on Sedam Road at Gulbarga has got […]


History – We can find many remains and Jaina idols in the place. The temple of bhagawan Shanthinatha is in a mutilated state. How to Reach – Bankur is situated at a distance of 2 kms from Chitapur of Gulbarga district. Chitapur is at a distance of 629 Kms from Bangalore. Main Deity – Stone […]


History – According to the inscriptions associated with the Chalukya Vikramaditya IV Alanda was the headquarters of the administrative unit called Alande-1000 under the Chalukyas. The Jain temple is found at Alanda with bhagawan Parshwanatha as the main diety is very famous. How to Reach – Alanda is situated at a distance of 47 Kms […]

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