Main Deities – The Pancha Balayati Tirthankar idols are the prime attractions of this place. It has the idols of Lord Mahavir (15′ 3″ feet high), and 9′ 3″ inches high idols of Lord Vasupujya, Mallinath, Naminath and Parshwanath. History – The ancient Jain heritage centre Nandanvan has been converted into a spiritual center at […]


Madhugiri – The temple of Bhagawan Mallinatha at Madhugiri is said to have been built in the year 1531 A.D. An inscription of the year A.D.1531 says that the land for the construction of the Mallinatha Swami temple was donated by Jayamma the wife of Govidanamayia. The idol of Bhagawan Mallinatha is being made of […]


Moodabidri (also Mudbidri), is occasionally referred to as the Jaina Kashi of South India. In all we can find 18 Jain temples at Moodabidri. With most of these temples being situated near the Jain Matha. This matha has Sri Charukeerthy Bhattarakha Swami as the chief pontiff.It has an information office for pilgrims and tourists, a […]

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