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    Temple History – In the year 1980 the Jains in Europe purchased a church and converted it into a Jain temple with the blessings of Chitrabhanuji  and the pratishta mahotsav of this temple was held in the year 1988 from July 17th to July 23rd under the presence of His Holiness Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of Shravanabelagola. This temple has the idol of Bhagawan Chandraprabha as the main deity. We can also find a ten feet high idols of Bhagawan Bahubali in the Kayotsarga, goddess Padmavathi and other Jain idols in this temple. We can also find three sanctum sanctorum’s dedicated to the Swethambara sect in the premises of this temple. A big hall, a school and a library can also be found in the temple premises. The boarding and lodging facilities are also available in temple premises.

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