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    History – The present day Barker river was the Rujubaluka river of the ancient times. It is believed that this great tirth was called Rujuvaluka. On the farm of the farmer Shyamak on the bank of this river under a shali tree at an auspicious time of Vijay Muhurta on the tenth day of the bright half of the month of Vaishakh Bhagawan Mahavir attained omniscience. Thus, this place is considered as a very sacred and holy place in the Jain history.

    Heritage Centre Type – Siddha Kshetra

    How to Reach – It is near the Barakar village on the bank of the river Barakar. The nearest railway station of Girdih is at a distance of 12 kilometers and Madhuvan is at a distance of 18 kilometers.


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