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    Raibag is a town in the southern state of Karnataka, India.

    History – In ancient days Raibag/Raybag was called as Poobaagi/Huvinabaage means flowers place. The Ratta empire ruled Poobaagi for several centuries. Somanath temple, Narasimha temple and Jain basadi are historical places. Rajaditya was famous a mathematician of Poobaagi. Raibag was ruled by Rattas, who claimed their descent from the Rashtrakutas.

    Inscriptions Related to Raibag – The inscriptions in Kolhapur and Raibag refer to three Basadis in Raibag/Huvinabage. The Kolhapur inscription of 1139 A.D. mentions grants given by officer Dasimarasa and his wife Lakkadevi to the Basadi built by Marasinga Setti in Agrahara Huvinabage. The Raibag inscription of 1201 A.D. issued by Ratta Karthavirya – IV states that Eraga (1048 A.D.) gave land grants to the Basadi of Yapaniya Sangha and the Basadi of Mulasangha.

    Inscription on Ardha Sahasrakuta idolAn idol of Ardha Sahasrakuta, i.e. 504 Tirthankars belonging to 12th century A.D. was found at Belagavi on 12th Feb 2020. This idol says that “Kumbadevana son of Brahmadeva of Hovinabage a disciple of Meghachandra Traividyadeva of Kundakundanvaya ascetic tradition got this structure with 500 idols made to wash off his Karma. The people who worship this idol will remain in eternal bliss. Kambanadeva has given this idol to a Basadi in Venugrama”. The word Hovinabage is nothing but the present Raibag, a taluk centre in Belagavi district and Venugrama is the present Belagavi. Hence, Kambanadeva belonged to Raibag and donated the idol to a Basadi in Belagavi.

    Ancient idol of Tirthankar Adinath in Paryankasana, 12th Century A.D., Sri Adinath Digambar Jain Temple, Raibag, Belagavi District, Karnataka, India.

    Jain Temples at Raibag – There are 3 Digambar Jain temples at Raibag, namely – Gadad Basadi/Mahavir Basadi, Adinath Basadi and Chandraprabhu Basadi.

    Gadada Basadi/Mahavir Basadi – This is an ancient temple with its history dating back to 12th century this is one of the 3 temples mentioned in the Kolhapur and Raibag inscriptions. This temple has an ancient black coloured idol of Tirthankar Mahavir measuring about 2.5 feet in kayotsarga/standing posture as the main deity. In addition to this we can find many other metal idols, a newly installed idol of Tirthankar Munisuvrata in Padmasana in its shikhara/pinnacle. An ancient idol of Yakshi Padmavati and a new idol of Jwalamalini are also seen in the temple. An attractive manastambha was installed here recently in the 1990s.

    Adinath Temple – This is also one among the 3 temples members in the Raibag and Kolhapur inscriptions. This is a north facing temple with a Garbagriha and an Ardhamantapa. Its present structure is a combination of ancient and new structures with the adishtana/foundation being in its original format with newly built walls. A Manastambha was erected by a Jain Shravaka called Gopalappa Girige during the 1950s.  

    Chandraprabhu Basadi – This is a small temple built in 1988. It has a marble idol of Tirthankar Chandranath in Kayotsarga as the main deity. We can find some good glass and mirror work within the temple.

    How to Reach – It is located at a distance of 92 km form Belagavi, the district centre.

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