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Moni Bhatara’s Nishadi at Bastihalli (Halebidu)

    A Sallekhana memorial (Nishadi) inscription of 954 A.D. of a Digambar Jain Muni/ascetic called Moni Bhatara at Bastihalli (Halebidu), Belur taluk, Hassan district, Karnataka.

    Location – In front of Parshwanath Basadi, Bastihalli (Halebidu), Hassan District, Karnataka.

    Type of Inscription – A Nishadi – Sallekhana Memorial, an example of Kamba Nishadi, i.e. a Sallekhana memorial in the form of a pillar.

    Period of Nishadi – Saka Year 876, Karthik Shudda 15, it corresponds to14th October 954 A.D., Ganga King Immadi Bhutuga.

    Lineage of Gurus – Kondakundanvaya.

    Script of Inscription – Old Kannada, inscribed on 3 faces of the pillar.

    Profile & name of the Person – Muni, Moni Bhatara.

    Inscriptional Content

    • 1st Face with 16 lines – While Ganga King Bhutuga II was ruling Gunasagara Bhatara’s disciple Gunachandra Bhattara, Gunachandra Bhattara’s disciple was Moni Bhattara. A disciple of Abhaya Nandi Pandita got this ‘Nisidige – Sallekhana Memorial’ installed in memory of Moni Bhattara. The inscription was engraved by Sridharaiah.
    • 2nd Face with 11 lines – Content inscribed in Kanda Padya. Kanda Padya (ಕಂದಪದ್ಯ) is a prosodic form that is extremely popular in the ancient and medieval Kannada poetry. It states that do not praise the greedy, if you wish to praise, please praise people like Moni Bhattara who is a mine of Good qualities.
    • 3rd Face with 18 lines – This inscription has been written in Utpalamala Vrutta. Utpalamala Vrutta is a prosodic form that was used in ancient and medieval Kannada poetry. It praises the courage of Moni Bhatara. A person called Ballapa went to Kellangere and says that he has bought this land and tries to acquire it through force. Moni Bhattara with kind words tells Ballapa not to do any himsa be kind the world will praise you.


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