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Kumbhoj Bahubali

Kumbhoj Bahubali is a Jain Heritage Centre near the village Kumbhoj in Maharashtra.

Main Deity – Idols of Lord Bahubali in the Kayotsara posture.

History – Kumbhoj Bahubali has its history that dates back to 12th century A.D. An idol of Lord Bahubali measuring about 6 feet high was installed in the Saka year 1078 Nangalanama Samvatsara Vaishaka Shudda 10th Day which was a Wednesday, it corresponds to 1156 A.D. on a hillock under the guidnace of Digambar Jain Muni 108 Sri Shruthsagarji Maharaj. Available records indicate details of various Digmabar Jain Munis stay here. These include – Digambar Jain ascetic Muni Sri Bahubali (1750s), Muni Sri Prabhachandraji Maharaj (1851 A.D.), Charitra Chakravarthi Muni 108 Sri Shanthisagarji Maharaj (1937 Chaturmas) and Muni 108 Sri Kamlakarji Maharaj in (1937).

Temples – Many Digmabar Jain Temples, idols and temples are constructed on the hillock and below the hillock.

Temples on the Hillock at Kumbhoj Bahubali
Padas – While climbing up the hillock are installed the Pada (feet impressions) of Muni Sri Shrutasagarji Maharaj, Muni Sri Vardhamansagarji Maharaj and other Jain Munis.
Kshetrapala Brahma Yaksha Mandir – At the entrance of the temples complex is seen the Kshetrapala Brahma Yaksha temple.
Bahubali Swamy Paduka Mandir – houses the Paduka – feet impressions of Lord Bahubali.
Sahasrakuta Jina Bimb Mandir is a very compact structure with the idol of Chaturmukha Sahasrakuta Tirthankar.
Bahubali Idol – This is a 6 feet idol installed in 1156 A.D.
Nivaran Baba Tapovan – This is a small park that has the feet impressions of 24 Tirthankaras.
Teen Murthy Mandir – This is a Digambar Jain Mandir built in 1878 A.D. It has Manastambha installed on a three stepped platform. It has different Garbagrihas (santum sanctorums) with different Digambar Jain idols, these include – Ancient idols of Adinath, Chandraprabhu, Shanthinath in Kayotsarga and Choubis Tirthankar, Marble idol of Lord Adinath in Padmasana, Goddess Jwalamalini and Saraswati, Lord Bahubali in Kayotsarga, Ratnatraya idols – idols of Tirthankar Shanthinath, Kunthunath and Aranath. A unique feature of this temple is that it has 4 pinnacles/gopuras we can find the idol of Tirthankar Parshwanath in Padmasana, Tirthankar Neminath in Padmasana, Tirthankar Shanthinath in Kayotsararga and Lord Mahavir in Padmasana in the pinnacles.
Trikuta Mandir – This temple has three Garbagrihas hence the name Trikuta Mandir. The idols of Tirthankar Shanthinath, Ananthanath and Mahavir are seen here.
Kalyani – A Small pond has been well protected with retaining walls.
Swethambar Temple – This temple was built in 1869 A.D. It has the idol of Tirthankar Parshwanath as the main deity.
Dharmachakra – A Dharmachakra is installed in a pillar that is about 25 feet high besides the Digmabar Jain temples.

Temples below the hillock at Kumbhoj Bahubali
Sri Mahavir Digambar Jain Samavasarana Mandir – Has very attractively made Samavasarana of Tirthankar Mahavir.
Bahubali Mandir – This temple has a snuff coloured idol of Lord Bahubali in Kayotsarga as the main deity. A Manastambha is seen in front of this temple.
Sri Mahavir Samavasarana Kanch Mandir – It has a Samavasarana of Lord Mahavir made of glass bottles.
Sri Sahasrakuta Mandir – This has a Chaturmukha Sahasrakuta marble idol with 1008 Tirthankar idols.
Ratnatraya Mandir – This temple has the marble idols Shanthinath, Kunthunth and Aranath Tirthankaras in Kayotsarga as the main deity. This temple’s pinnacle in vry unique and attractive. It is trapezoidal in shape. Six idols of Jain Tirthankaras are installed on each of the faces.
Shanthisagar Idol – Besides the Ratnatraya temple is installed a life size idol on a small hillock kind of formation.
Bahubali Idol – We can see a 28 feet high colosus Marble idol of Lord Bahubali in Kayotsarga installed in the open air. It is 28 feet in height and is installed on an elevated area.
Replicas of other Jain Pilgrim Sites – Besides the Bahubali idol are seen the replicas of different Jain pilgrim sites. These include – SammedhaShikarji, Dronagiri, Sonagiri, Udayagiri Khandagiri, Barwani, Kunthalagiri and Pavapuri.
Swayambu Mandir – This temple has an ancient idol of Tirthankar Adinath in Paryankasana.

Accommodation – Good boarding and lodging facilties are available at the Digambar Jain Dharmashala at Kumbhoj Bahubali.

Location – Kumbhoj Bahubali is located about 8 kms from Hatkanangle and 27 Kms from Kolhapur.