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    History – This temple is very ancient and it is said that impressed by the devotion of Hemachandracharya goddess Saraswathi had appeared here. On some of the metal idols we can find the inscriptions of the eleventh and the thirteenth centuries. In all we can find more than fifty Jaina idols in this temple and are said to belong to the times of King Samprati. The artistic style adopted in carving the idols indicated that they are very ancient. We can also see the idols of some of the Jaina Acharyas at this temple. The idol of Saraswatidevi is very beautiful and is said to be miraculous. People from all religion visit this temple with a desire of solving all their problems. Ajari is said to belong to the Nani Marwad group of five pilgrim centres. This is the birth place of the great poet Kalidas.The idol of the Saraswatidevi is very ancient and awe-inpiring .

    How to Reach – The temple is situated at a distance of five kilometers from the railway station of Shirohi, ten kilometers from the Nandiya and 12 kilometers from Brahmanwada. Good transport facilities are avaialble to this place. Boarding and lodging facilities are available at Ajari.

    Main Deity – Nearly 36 inches high, white-colored idol of Bhagawan Mahavira in the Padmasana posture.

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