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Ascend and Descend of Hastinapur

    Though being such a historical and religiously important place in both the Jaina and Hindu history, Hastinapur has undergone a series of changes with numerous ascends and descends with the passage of time.

    • In 1200 BCE – During the period of King Nichakshu, the city of Hastinapur and the surrounding area was attacked by a Swarm of Red Locusts and there by destroying the vegetations. In addition to this the city was flooded by river Ganga leaving the city in ruins. After some time the river shifted its course by a few miles away from the city. This caused great difficulty to the people and forced King Nichakshu to change his capital to Kaushambi near the present Allahabad. This left the city in ruins for first time as recorded.
    • At a later stage the city was rebuilt by ‘Naag Vansha’, during this period the ‘Samavasaranas’ of Lord Parshwanath and Lord Mahavira were held. Influenced by the discourse of Lord Mahavira Naag king Shivraj converted himself to Jainism and constructed a stupa in memory of Lord Mahavira. The city existed till 300 BC before it was destroyed by a fierce fire.
    • At a later stage the city was reconstructed by King Samprati the grandson of Ashoka the great Magadha emperor. He constructed many Jain temples during his reign. During this period the city lasted till around the year 200 A.D.
    • During the 10th-11th Century Hastinapur was re-established by King ‘Harduttarai’ of Bhaar dynasty. The city remained populated till 14th century.
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