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    History – The history of this place belongs to the period of Bhagawan Suparshwanatha. Previously this place was called by the names Indrapur, Madhulika and Madhupuri. It was the capital of King Ugrasen. it is said that Bhagawan Parshwanatha, sanctified this place by staying here during the monsoon sojourn. Created by gods, a Jewel – studded, golden, large stupa of Bhagawan Suparshvanath was here. It was renovated in the eighth century of the Vikram era. The book ‘Vividh Tirth kalpa’ written by Jinaprabhusurishvariji during the fourteenth century, tells tells us about the prosperity of this city.  There is a mention that there were stupas for more than 500 sadhus and sadhvis of Jambuswami and others. There were 84 forests here in the times of Jambuswami. They were known as Jambusars. Jambuswami attained moksa here. Therefore, this is called ‘Chorasi’. Mathura is also the birth place of lord Krishna (one of the future tirthankaras) of the Mahabharatha. It is also told that Krishna killed his uncle at this place. In all we can find Four Digambar and one Svetambar temples at Mathura. There is a Digambar jain Mandir at Vrindavan also.

    At present, there are new temples on the ancient place of ‘Chorasi’ and there are remains of ancient Jina idols, stupas, copper plates, and many various invaluable things. They tell us about the antiquity of this place. Many idols and inscriptions found during the land excavations at Mathura are kept in the archeological museum at Lucknow.

    How to Reach –  The temple is situated at a distance of four kilometers from Mathura and Mathura is 145 Kms from Delhi and 54 kilometers from Agra. Good boarding and lodging facilities are also available at Mathura.

    Main Deity – About one feet high, light almond coloured wooden sandal idol of Jambuswamiji.

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