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The Sanskrit word Om is made up of five sounds and letters; a, a, ä, u, and m.

  • The first letter “a” represents Arihants (human beings who have eradicated all four Ghäti Karma. It includes Tirthankars who have established religious order) ·
  • The second “a” represents A-shareeri (A-shareeri means without physical body, liberated soul or Siddha or perfected being).
  • The third letters “ä” represents Ächärya (Ascetic who is the head of congregation).
  • The fourth letter “u” represents Upädhyäy (Ascetic teacher).
  • The fifth letter “m” represents Muni (Sädhu/Sädhvi or monks/ nuns who are initiated (who have taken Dikshä) by taking five Mahävrat (great vows).

Hence Om represents the salutation to the five revered personalities in Jainism. Om is a short form of the Namokar Mahämantra.

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