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‘Jain Heritage Centres’ Completes 12 Years

    Jai Jinendra!

    Dear All,

    I take this opportunity to let you all know that our website WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM (JHC) one of the popular Jain websites on the internet has completed 12 years of successful operation on May 26, 2014. On this occasion I would like to thank each one of you for supporting us over the years and helping us reach the stage what we are today.

    I have spoken and written a lot about our journey over the years in the past anniversary announcements. I’ll not dig much into the past. However, I will look back into our achievements over the past one year and lay down a couple of thoughts around what we plan to do moving forward.

    A very Different Year

    The past year I should say was a very different year for JHC unlike the years before. We have meet new people, worked on new opportunities, started thinking & working differently, and many new people and things  have added on to our JHC family.

    • Korean Documentary on Jainism – Thanks to our team’s years of dedication, MBC one of the top most Korean channel worked with us on a documentary focusing on Jain Asctics, Jain Food and Jain Way of Life. I had the privilege of working with the team from MBC on this and we had a 5 days long shoot at Alaguru and Chikkapadasalagi in Jamakhandi taluk of Bagalakote district where we followed the Jain Muni 108 Sri Samudrasena Maharaj. The entire shoot revolved around him. The 20 minutes documentary was later telecasted in September – October 2013 across the world on MBC channel. This opportunity to work with an international channel was definitely a very unique experience for us.
    • ‘Jainism’ book in Slovakian Language – Thanks to the renowned Jain scholar Prof. Hampana for connecting us with one of the top most Slovakian publishers. We had the privilege of contributing 57 photographs of various Jain rituals to the first ever book on Jainism in Slovakian language titled ‘Jainism’. This was released in November 2013.  This was indeed another milestone for JHC.
    • High End Photography Equipments – Over the years we have always aspired to buy high end photography equipments. However, due to lack of funds we were unable to get them. Thanks to the efforts of one of our mentor Sri R.P.Jain of New Delhi we were able to get donations from Dr.Premchand Gada (USA), Dr.C.Devakumar (New Delhi), Sri Gaurav Jain (New Delhi) and a bit of self funding helped us procure high end cameras. Special thanks to Sri Ramesh Kumar of French Institute, Pondicherry for guiding us to get the right equipments.
    • Voice Recorder – Thanks to Smt. B.Vatsala Kumari from Banglaore for donating us a voice recorder which will help us capture the lectures & discourses effectively.
    • Different Way of Research, Capturing & Presenting Jainism – Thanks to the international exposure gained and the high end photography and voice recording equipments procured and new people who joined our team, we have been able to explore things differently, carry on research, capture the heritage uniquely and present them differently.
    • Intense Research on Jain Heritage Centres – Unlike before we have been getting in more deeply into researching the Jain Heritage Centres and off late we have conducted intense research in connection with various Jain places and have been able to unearth many unknown facts. Further, research is on in this regard and articles related to this will be published soon.
    • New People in to JHC – A lot of new people have joined our team who have brought in new ideas and have opened up new avenues to work with. Some of them are research scholars and some are grass root level workers. A few them worth mentioning here are Sri Ravikumar K. Navalagunda (a research scholar at the Kannada University, Hampi, Karnataka), Sri Vardhaman (a priest and a grass root level worker from the Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka), Sri Mahavir (a businessman and a grass root level worker from the Chikamagalur District of Karnataka) and Sri Abhinandan (a professional and a grass root level worker from the Chikamagalur District of Karnataka).
    • Documentary on Jain Heritage Centres – We plan to shoot documentaries on many Jain Heritage Centres and on themes related to Jain Heritage in the days ahead. The detailed plan and budgetary details in this connection are on their way. Donations to support such efforts are always welcome.

    Our special thanks to all the people who have patronised and helped us directly or indirectly with our projects and the website. Hope to continue our service to Jainism through your continued support.

    Thanking You,

    With Kind Regards,

    NITIN H.P.
    Managing Trustee, Jain Heritage Foundation
    Phone: +91 9880818869

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