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Jains launch cleanliness drive at temples

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat), June 9, 2013: Thousands of members of the Jain community turned up at 504 Jain temples across the city for a cleanliness drive at the temples and its neighbourhood. It is one of the major cleanliness drives conducted by the community so far. From millionaire businessmen to those engaged in services joined the cleanliness drive since 8.30 am.

    The drive was led by a young Jain nun, Sadhviji Sri Maitriratna Shriji who had organized an active group of youngsters into the Jinagna Yuva Group. The sadhvi had given a spiritual touch to the participation and has appealed the Jain community members across the city to participate in the drive.

    One of the most vibrant groups could be seen in the walled city, especially in Zaveriwad, Shantinath ni Pol, Ajithnath and Vaghan ni Pol. Paresh Shah, a buisnesman in Khadia says, “We have never been involved in such a cleanliness drive before. I never expected that there will be so much public participation. This exercise is a way of making ourselves proud of our surroundings. In the next stage, we would be cleaning large portions of neighbourhoods.”

    In the entire day, the Jain community members cleaned 27,000 statues. “Cleaning is a way of self renewal,” says Anita Parikh who was part of a team of youngsters who had joined the drive.

    “By cleaning temples and their compounds we are taking the message of sanitation and healthy spiritual living to our immediate neighbourhoods. This is just the beginning,” says another youngster Mohit Shah. – News Courtesy: Times of India

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