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Mahamasthakabhisheka at Night is Permisible

    Venur (Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka), January 28, 2012: Acharya Muni 108 Sri Gunadharanandiji Maharaj opined that “Conducting Mahamasthakabhisheka of Lord Bahubali at night is permissible as per the Jain siddantha”. He was speaking at the inaugural function of the Mahamasthakabhisheka mahotsava of Lord Bahubali at Venur. He further quoted the references and descriptive incidents from “Mahapurana” (one of the holy books of Jains) about Mahamasthakabhisheka being conducted during night and said that there isn’t any thing against the Jain principles if the Mahamasthakabhisheka is conducted during night. He was commenting on the discussions that are happening in the media and amongst Jain community about conducting the event during night.

    Request for Day Mahamasthakabhisheka
    Gunadharanandiji further requested the organisers to coduct the event during day one any one of the days so as to enable Jain ascetics to witness the event. It can be recalled here that Jain ascetics are restricted to move around after sunset and due to this it is highly impossible for them to witness the event.

    Dr.D.Veerendra Heggade the president of the event mentioned that it is because of the prevailing heat in the region that the event is coducted during night. – Jain Heritage Centres News Service

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