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Stars heralded coming of Lord Mahavir

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat), September 17, 2012: Thousands of Jain devotees visiting different derasars of the city on the fifth day of Paryushan were deeply moved when the heard afresh the story of Lord Mahavir’s birth. Not only were the idols of Lord Mahavir but also the derasars were decorated with beautiful attractive flowers for the Mahavir Janma Vanchan.

    Talking about the decorations, Panyas Rajhansvijayji Maharaj from Prernatirth derasar in Satellite said that apart from the Lord Mahavir idol, all other idols of Jain tirthankars in the derasar were decorated to mark the day. He further said that Prernatirth derasar has around 50-60 idols all of which were decorated.

    The Acharya Maharaj of each derasar recited the story of Lord Mahavir’s birth to the devotees. Every derasar had also organized a ‘boli’ (bidding) to decide who should get the opportunity to decorate the ‘Swapan’ idols.

    “Lord Mahavir’s mother had 14 dreams when she was pregnant. The first dream was of an elephant and so on. On this day, we present the 14 dreams in the form of idols and display them in public for darshan. Devotees bid for the right to decorate the idols representing the 14 dreams and the one who bids the highest decorates it with gold chain, moti and then flowers,” said Panyas Rajhansvijayji Maharaj.

    The members of Rang Sagar Upashray at Paldi said that at their place, they had invited bids for taking home for some time the ‘paalna’ (swing) of Lord Mahavir. Ashok Valani, a member, said that the Lord Mahavir’s ‘paalna’ at the time of his birth is considered auspicious and devotees try their best to bid high so that they can bring home the swing.

    The Hutheesing No Dero at Teen Darwaza had similar celebrations. Addressing the devotees, Acharya Kundukunda Surishwarji Maharaj said that according to the scriptures, when three graha (planets) are at their highest position, a king is born.

    “Similarly, when seven planets come together at the highest place, a Tirthankar is born. Lord Mahavir was in the womb for nine months, and seven-and-half days,” said Acharya Kundukunda Surishwarji Maharaj. – News Courtesy: DNA India

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