History – The idol of Brahmadeva sitting on a horse found here at Sri Kodi Brahmadeva temple is said to have been formed by itself. It is a very unique of its kind and is also one of the biggest statues (around 6 feet) of Brahma Yaksha found in the world. Devotees mainly from Bangalore district […]


History – The temple of Guttebrahmadeva was constructed around A.D. 1790. We can find only 10 Jain falimies reciding here. The idol of Brahmadeva is very attractive and every year annual pooja take place. How to Reach – Gundlahalli is situated in the Nymagondlu hobli of Gowribidanur taluk in Kolar district. It has good transport facilities […]


About Narasimharajapura (N R Pura) – There are 6 Jain temples at this place. 1) Chandranath temple;2)Parsvanath swami temple;3) Jawalamalaini templeThis place is famous for the miraculous Sasan devi Jwalamalini. The people visit this place to fulfill their vows. 4)Shantinath temple; 5) Math temple and 6) kshetrapal temple.The Samantbhdra Gyanpeeth and Ashram are here. This is […]

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