Grandeur in simplicity

– Ashwini Jain (Article Courtesy: Deccan Herald) From atop the Bahubali hill at Karkala, the town unfolds like a masterpiece of an artist. Amidst nature, households, roads and structures; the Chaturmukha Basadi steals the limelight. The four-faceted Jain temple is situated at the centre of Karkala and gives an illusion that the entire town is […]


History – We can find a ruined Jain temple here with its walls being made out of mud. The temple at present is in a mutilated state. We can the find the idols of Sri Parshwanatha, Sri Chandranatha, Chaturmukha Tirthankara and the metal idols of Choubis and Godess Padmavathi. How to Reach – This place […]

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