History – This place was one of the important centres of Jainism. The temple found here is very ancient and has an incomplete carving of Bhagwan Parshwanatha. In the temple we can also find the idols of Chavvisa Tirthankara, Nandishwara, Goddess Padmavathi Devi, idols. We can find the Manasthamba in front of the temple. How […]


History – Lakshmeshwara is famous for prolific culture and literature. It is a place with rich heritage in Karnataka hence it is called as ‘TIRULUGANNADA NADU’. It was also the place of the poet Pampa a well known Kannada poet. It was the capital of Puligere-300. It is one of the ancient Jain centres. Many […]


History – Shridharacharya (1049 A.D.) the author of the first Kannada book on astrology ‘Jatakatilaka’ and ‘Chandraprabha Charite’ was from this place. Here we can find a Jain Shwethambara temple constructed during the 7o’s. This temple has Bhagwan Mahaveera as its main diety. On either side of this idol are found the idols of Bhagwan […]


History – Called as Dharmapura, Dharmapuri and Dharmavolal in the history pages. Dambala was one of the chief centres of Jainism and Shaivism. Inside the fort is found of this place is found a Jain temple which is in a mutilated state. Looking at the situation of the temple here the archeological department personal have […]


History – Lakkundi is a place of complex temple archietecture.The place is also know by the famous ‘Danachintamani Attimabbe’. She santified the place here by here patronage for Kannada literature and Jain religion. Her’s is a historical name in the history of karnataka. Lakkundi is also called as LokkiGundi in the inscriptions.The Brahma jinalaya was […]


History – Here we can find a ruined Jain temple, besides this Jain temple we can find a 10 feet high idol of tirthankra.The symbol of the tirhankara is not clear. Also we can find another idol of a tirthankara in the padmasana posture the pedestal of this idol has an unclear image of lion, […]


How to Reach – This place is being situated in the Gadag Taluk. The transport facilities are available to this place from Gadag and Dharwad. History – Hombala is a very small village sourrounded with hills near a place called Nilagunda of Gadag taluk. Hombala was once a chief centre of Jainism. Here we can […]


History – In Gadag we can find two Jain Temples. The Parshwanatha temple was constructed in 1914 A.D. by the Oswal Gujrathi Jain Panth with bhagwan Parshwanatha as the main diety. The other Jain temple was constructed in the1970’s by the Marwadi community of Gujarat. This temple has Mahavir Bhagwan as its main diety.This temple […]

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