Narasimharajapura Swamiji Samadhi

Sri Lakshmisena Swamiji of Narasimharajapura Jain Mutt Attains Samadhi

Narasimharajapura (Chikamagalur District, Karnataka), December 16, 2014: His Holiness Swasti Sri Lakshmisena Bhattarakha Swamiji the pontiff of Narasimharajapura (N.R.Pura) Jain Mutt attained Samadhi at 9.45 pm in N.R.Pura on Tuesday 16th December 2014. The last rites of Swamiji will be performed at N.R.Pura on 17th December 2014. N.R.Pura Jain Mutt is one of the ancient Jain […]


About Narasimharajapura (N R Pura) – There are 6 Jain temples at this place. 1) Chandranath temple;2)Parsvanath swami temple;3) Jawalamalaini templeThis place is famous for the miraculous Sasan devi Jwalamalini. The people visit this place to fulfill their vows. 4)Shantinath temple; 5) Math temple and 6) kshetrapal temple.The Samantbhdra Gyanpeeth and Ashram are here. This is […]

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