Main Deities – Idol of Lord Parshwanath in padmasana posture and idol of Goddess Padmavati. About Vadanbail – Vadanbail in a small village located in the midst of Western Ghats besides Jogfalls in Sagara taluk of Shimoga/Shivamogga district. Temples at Vadanbail Sri Padmavati Basadi – This temple has the idols of Goddess Padmavati and Lord Parshwanath. This […]


History – Venoor / Venur is a historical place, many relics of the past are found here. It was the capital of the Ajila kings. The Bahubali statue standing on a pair of lotus found here was installed by Thimmanna Ajila in 1604 AD. Eight Jain temples can be found here among them the Shanthinatha temple […]


History – According to the inscriptions carved on the walls of the temple it is said that thi temple was constructed on the fifth day of the dark half of the month of Jeth in the year 1251 of the Vikram era. Some of the inscriptions found in this temple tell us that the history of […]


History – This is one of the ancient tirths of the forgotten past of splendid temples in many desolate villages of Rajasthan. This was a prosperous city. It is believed that this temple was built about the year 1100 of the Vikram era. It was renovated many times during the period of prosperity of this […]


History – This history of Nitoda is believed to belong to a period earlier than the twelfth century. On the seat of the parikar of God’s idol, there is an inscription of Bhagawan Neminath. Due to some inevitable reasons the idol of Bhagawan Neminath was removed and the idol of Bhagawan Chintamani Parshwanatha was installed. […]


History – The history of the city dates back to 15 century of the Vikram Era. The ancient temple of Manmohana Parshwanatha found  in the city was constructed under the inspiration of Acharya Kailassagarsuri Maharaj Saheb. The idol of Manmohana Parshwanatha was installed in the new temple on the sixth day of the bright half […]

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