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History – The caves temple of Badami dedicated to hindu gods and Jain tirthanakaras were built by Chalukya kings. There are a few temples in the fort of badami. The Jain cave temples are on the hillocks opposite to the fort. The images of Bhagwan Parshwanath, Bhagawan Mahavir and Gautam Swami are in the 4th cave. This cave temple is 31 feet wide and 16 feet deep in the rocks. this is also known as men basdi. The pillars of this cave are artiscally decorated by images of lotus, flowers, makar, mithun and apsaras. The image of Bhagwan Mahavir is in the center. There is a 8 feet high idol of Bhagwan Adinatha in the Kayotsarga posture along with the choubis tirthankaras sourrounding it and the images of Yaksha and yakshi.. the other idol of 8 feet is of Bhagwan Suparsvanath and a female devotee image (Jakkava, who observed sallekhana) is at the feet of the tirthanakar. The other idol of Bhagwan Bahubali flanked by his sisters Brahmi and Sundari is also very impreesive. This idol is of 6CAD and is with hairs coming upto his shoulders. Besides there is an idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha. This cave temple is full of numerous idols from 9 inches to 8 feet.

On the foothills, near the pond, a small but beautiful temple dedicated to Devi yelamma is in Dravidian style. Another temple known as Bhotnath temple is on the other side of the tank. Here the images of Acharaya and sadhu in sermons postion are very impressive.

How to Reach – Badami is 128 kms from Hubli and 163 Kms from Bijapur and 79 Kms from bagalkot. Badami railway station is on Hubli-Sholapur railway line and is 5 Kms from the town. The Bus service to Tirth is available.