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Mangi Tungi

History – Mangitungi is a siddha kshetra, it is said that arround 99 crores muni have attained salvation from this place. Here we can find two hills namely Mangi and Tungi these are named after two sisters Mangi and Tungi. Mangi is at a height of 4443 feet and Tungi is 4366 feet above the sea level. We can find 6 caves on the Mangi hill and 2 caves on Tungi hill. There are more that 600 Jaina images of the trirthankaras in the padmasana and kayotsarga. At the Parshwanatha temple near the foot of hill the boarding and lodging facilities are available.

How to Reach – Mangi Tungi is 160 Kms from Nasik via Satana- Tahrabad.

Main Deity – Black colored idol of Bhagwan Parshwanatha.